1. Fish species
  2. Endangered species
  3. Fish dishes

Fish species



Catfish is the largest freshwater fish in Europe. It has a length of over 2 meters and a body weight of over 100 kg. It has a long body that is devoid of scales, a large head and a large mouth. It is a predator fish that eats frogs, small mammals and even water birds.

Mackerel is a species of sea fish from the mackerel family. It occurs in the Aegean Sea, it plays a very important role in the industry because it is caught massively. Mackerel is a predator that feeds on crustaceans and other demersal creatures, snails and small fish. Mackerel is not only tasty, but also healthy. It has a lot of protein and important amino acids in it.

Carp is a large, freshwater fish from the carp family. Reaches over 1m in length and weighs up to 40 kg. Body elongated, fusiform. The bottom fleshy mouth has 2 pairs of whiskers.

The sardine is a group of small-sized fish belonging to the herring family. Sardines are small. Their body length is on average 15 to 30 cm. They have a silvery color, their body is slightly oval and clearly elongated. Sardines are mostly used for many activities, such as drying and smoking, fish processing or bait. They are very rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Sardines are eaten whole, with bones, they are a valuable source of calcium and iodine, as well as other micronutrients and vitamins.

Bream is a fairly large fish from the carp family, common in our waters. This fish has a laterally flattened body. It is strongly protruding. and on the back there is a small dorsal fin. The coloration is silvery, golden or brown. The back is dark. Juveniles have gray-blue fins. Bream reach 75 cm in body length and 6-7 kg in weight.

Shrimps are crustaceans belonging to the suborder Pleocyemata of the tenth leg and one of the most popular crustaceans and seafood. Shrimps vary in size, shape and color. Shrimps are valued for both taste and nutritional value. They are an excellent source of easily digestible proteins and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Prawns are very healthy, but a lot depends on how they were obtained. Not all of them come from natural fishing. Many prawns are harvested from artificial farms.

Endangered species

In the Mazowieckie voivodship, we can also distinguish endangered species such as carp, perch, pike perch, pike. In order to prevent the extinction of the fish, it is important to remember not to clutter the environment in which they are located. Dams are very harmful to fish because they block the paths through which the fish travel, which prevents them, for example during spawning, which causes a drastic decrease in fish reproduction. Nature conservation should also be promoted to support the fish population, as healthy ecosystems help protect the climate.

Sponges are very unusual animals. They do not have neurons, muscles, reproductive organs, and their bodies lack symmetry. Their shape resembles plants. Sponges are considered to be one of the oldest animals on earth. They are believed to have evolved around 500 million years ago. Sponges are most common in salt waters, and only 200 of them live in freshwater.

Fish dishes

Greek style fish – this is a dish served hot or cold in which fried pieces of fish are fried in a vegetable sauce. It is very often sprinkled with grated carrot. After the fish are fried, they are stewed in vegetable side dishes for a long time.

Garides – saganaki, i.e. prawns baked in tomato sauce with feta cheese, is one of the most famous dishes of Greek cuisine.

Christmas Eve carp – traditional Polish dish served on Christmas Eve. The chopped pieces of carp are salt, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried in oil or butter. Optionally, before salting the fish, you can sprinkle it with lemon juice.

Dorada is a delicious fish popular in the cuisine of Mediterranean countries, including Greek cuisine. The unusual taste of its juicy but firm meat means that the simpler the method of preparation we choose, the more we will be able to enjoy its qualities.

Herring under the quilt cover – this is a dish that is salad. This dish can fit very well even on a Christmas Eve table. When making this salad, we put the ingredients in layers. At the bottom there is a diced herring, then onion, grated potatoes with large meshes, similarly grated hard-boiled egg, at the end we put mayonnaise on top and cover with grated cheese.

Cod fried in batter served with scordalia – a garlic paste – is a dish traditionally served in Greece on Independence Day.

Monuments of Mazovia vs. Thessaly

  1. Monuments
  2. Historic trails
  3. The influence of monuments on tourism



Museum of the Mazovian Countryside in Sierpc – a museum founded in 1971. Its exposition includes a row village with 10 homesteads, a church, a manor house, an inn and a smithy. Exhibitions devoted to specific topics are organized in the buildings, and the buildings retain their original functions. There are farm animals on the premises of the museum. In the period May-September, the museum organizes “Sundays in the open-air museum”, in which there are attractions for visitors in every farm, such as butter production, workshops of a blacksmith, sculptor, embroiderer, potter. Apart from “Sundays in the open-air museum”, special events related to the cycle of life in the countryside, such as honey picking, harvesting and excavations, are organized. Tourists can then see how the work was done in the past.

Ancient Theater in Larissa – This is a theater from the 3rd century BC located in Larisa. It is one of the largest theaters in Greece. Initially, it functioned as a theater and meeting place. At the end of the first century B.C.E. has been transformed into a Roman arena. In the 2nd-3rd century, the arena was significantly damaged by an earthquake, and during the next one in the 7th century, it was almost completely destroyed.

Płock Tum Hill – The Tum Hill is a steep 53-meter slope. There is a city panorm from the side of the Vistula River. There is a 900-year-old cathedral on the hill. Next to the cathedral, there are 2 towers of the oldest brick castle in Mazovia, and further – one of the most beautiful tattoos in Poland. At the foot of the hill there is a bathing beach – Sobótka beach.

Meteors – A small rock massif around the city of Kalambaka, where 24 monasteries operated at the height of its heyday. Until today, 6 monasteries are active and open to the public. In every monastery there is a church and living quarters for monks and nuns for daily life.

Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw – the highest monument in Poland, located in Warsaw. The building has 237 sq m and 42 floors. It was established in 1995 on the initiative of Joseph Stalin as a gift from the Soviet people to Poles. At the beginning of its existence, concerts, exhibitions, fairs and shows were held in its interiors. Currently, the palace houses theaters, museums, pubs and a cinema.

Platamonas Castle – Crusader castle built between 1204-1222. It is located in northern Greece, southeast of Olympus. The tower next to the castle is a medieval fortress.

Historic trails

Łazienki Królewskie in Warsaw is a palace and garden complex consisting of historic buildings, pavilions, sculptures and gardens: Royal, Romantic, Modernist, Chinese, and since 2015 – a small Dutch garden. More precisely, there are about 40 buildings in Łazienki and 10 gates to the park. The buildings impress with their style and history. However, by far the most famous building in the Royal Łazienki is the Palace on the Isle. It is a pearl of architecture on a national scale, in the classicist style.

Meteors – their Greek name meteoros means “suspended in the air” or “center of the sky”. The highest of the rocks rising upwards are over 500m high. On these rocks, monks came in search of peace and quiet. Carved flags can be seen in some depressions. There are monasteries on meteors as well. You can travel outside the monasteries on foot and by car. There is, for example, the monastery of Moni Megaolu Meteor, as well as the monastery of Moni Varlaam.

The influence of monuments on tourism

Monuments have a huge impact on tourism. They attract tourists who have a positive impact on the state’s balance of payments. Thanks to vacationers, people who run activities such as hotels or restaurants earn money for visitors. Tourists often use the services of carriers, guides and translators, which allows them to create new employment opportunities and reduce unemployment. It is an important factor in stimulating the labor market.

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